At Framers we specialise in framing pictures. We have a team of friendly, knowledgeable, experienced staff to advise on every aspect of picture framing, ensuring that your picture is framed in a manner that will conserve it in perfect condition and enhance its appearance in a style which suits your taste and home.

We have a range of over 200 timber mouldings in stock
and we are able to source many others.

Our range of mountboard is equally extensive
and all to conservation standard.

All mountboard and hinging tapes are to conservation standards as is the technique we use to mount artwork.

All framing work is carried out on the premises, nothing needs to be sent away, ensuring security of your artwork and keeping lead times to a minimum.

We have a well equipped workshop with up-to-date machinery
ensuring work is to the highest professional standard.

Established in 1991, we have been framing in Bruntsfield for over 30 years and have over 60 years experience between us. We are experienced and can provide advice on framing watercolours, oils on canvas, x stitch/textile art, photographs, prints, posters, ceramics, sports shirts, 3D objects, kids paintings & virtually anything you can think of framing.

Everything is framed to the highest standard & every budget catered for.


We like to keep up to date with and offer our customers all the latest innovations and new products available to the framing industry. In recent years there have been many innovations in the types of glass available, as you look at your picture through glass and the fact that certain types of light waves can damage artwork, glass is one of the most important components in framing.

Listed below are the types of glass we offer & a description  of their main qualities -

2mm float glass,  this is the standard type of glass which has been used in framing for many years,  it is very economical but can reflect light,  especially on darker pictures & has a very slight green hue which itself can slightly darken the picture.

Water white glass,  this has had the impurities that cause the green hue in float glass removed so it does not affect the colour of artwork viewed through it , it can still reflect light and is a little more expensive. 

Reflection control also referred to as invisible glass, this has also had the green hue removed so it doesn't darken the artwork and has an anti reflective coating which greatly reduces reflection,  meaning  colour and details of the picture are sharper and much truer to life. It is especially effective on darker pictures but beneficial on all , it is a bit more expensive 

UV Block glass, this is slightly thicker ( 2.5 mm ) float glass with a coating which blocks 99 % of ultra violet light which can be very damaging to certain types of artwork, uv block will protect your artwork but can still cause reflection. 

Reflection control UV block glass,  this combines the qualities of both of the above types of glass , greatly reducing reflection,  blocking  99% of ultraviolet light and has had any green hue removed, it is very good but it is expensive.

We are happy to explain the pros and cons of all of these products specifically relevant to the type of picture you are having framed and quote prices.

All materials are sold separately if required.

Glass and Mirror can be cut to required sizes.

Mirrors can be custom made bevelled or flat and framed to your exact specification.

Your moulding is available cut to size and mitred or by the length.

If you have artwork already framed but are unsure of to what standard, we can re-mount it, bringing it up to conservation standard.


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